Q & A - the differences between explanatory and response variables

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can anyone tell me the differences between the two variables?

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Response Variables:

A response variable measures an outcome of a result of a study


Explanatory Variables:

A explanatory variable is a variable that we think explains or causes changes in the response variable. So it would be the reason we see the change. 


So an example would be a study comparing if students taking a online course and a inclass course learned the same amount. The response variable would be the final scores that students recieve, and the explanatory variable would be if the student took the course online or in class.


Pg.92 of our textbook goes into detial about this question and these two kinds of variables. 

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The definitions in our textbook state:


Response Variable: A variable that measures an outcome or result of a study (it is the dependent variable).

Explanatory Variable: A variable that we think either explains or causes changes in the response variable (it is the independent variable)

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